Machine Tool


The machine tool industry is of strategic importance both economically and technologically. Its equipment design capabilities and manufacturing process levels based on mechanical engineering technology and digital control technology have put it at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution, with digitalization becoming the core The driving force, exciting opportunities for further automation also arise, and the key objective of optimizing overall equipment effectiveness—with reliable performance and sustainability at its core—is more important than ever.

Machine performance plays an increasingly important role in production efficiency and product quality. Today's machine tool customers are looking for manufacturers that can meet their high performance requirements. To remain competitive in the market, they must provide high-speed and precise machines and Solutions, customers have equally high demand for more reliable and energy-efficient machines and components, operators want low-maintenance products with low environmental impact, further reduce operating costs, and achieve profitability depends on this.

As a close bearing product provider and solution provider in the machine tool industry for many years, we understand the technical and business challenges faced by our customers and see the opportunities for our customers. Provide better products and solutions to help customers achieve their goals.

To meet the current operating requirements—faster speed, high operating accuracy, high system rigidity, low heat generation, low noise, and low vibration—the machine tool requires precision bearing performance, high-speed precision bearings, which can meet the high requirements of precision applications. Performance requirements, a wide range of new super precision bearings combine the best designs of both brands to improve performance, equipment uptime, speed and precision experienced application partners

Because we are also users of high precision machine tools, we are very familiar with your questions and requirements, you know the performance you want to achieve with your equipment, and we know how to succeed, we have the application expertise to understand the different how situations interact, enabling us to develop innovative, sophisticated solutions that best meet your specific needs and conditions.