Port Machinery


Large lifting equipment in ports, including quayside container cranes, gantry cranes, portal cranes, etc., are the main lifting equipment for port loading and unloading operations. With the continuous development of lifting machinery technology, the requirements for various working conditions are improved, and the technical content of each link of the equipment is required to be improved. Bearings are the main components used to support fixed shafts and bear loads in machinery, and their role is obvious. Without the use of various types of bearings, the various actions of the equipment will not work properly. Large-scale cranes used in seaports have long been working in marine climate conditions with a lot of salt fog, high humidity and large temperature differences. Large cranes working in inland ports are also affected by the industrial atmosphere and harsh weather; when large equipment in the port is running, multiple actions are performed at the same time, and multiple loads are superimposed at the same time, all of which have a greater impact on the use of bearings. Guangyang Bearing understands the customer's usage, and according to the customer's requirements, produces a series of products that meet the customer's requirements, reaching the international advanced level.